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Video: Brook Trout Feeding on Midges in a Spring Creek

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Brook Trout are one of the world's most beautiful animals and we have caught and released them from the mountain streams of the Appalachians to Pennsylvania's limestone spring creeks. Along our itinerary for over 30 years we have learned a few things about these litte gems of nature from a fishing standpoint and a scientific one. Therefore, this site is here to share the knowledge and explore future ground in fly fishing Big Spring Wild Brookie and protecting these wonderful creatures. We hope you enjoy the site and check back often since we will be posting new stuff on Brookies from secret fly patterns toWild Brookie from Big Spring Creek at www.flyfishingforbrooktrout.com places to fish as well as the latest in studies that we run across. Oh, by the way this site is run by Gene "Guido" Macri the funny guy in the photo. He's a long time fly fisherman whose fishing buddies included the late Charlie Fox and others. He's also an aquatic scientist who has done more research on spring creeks in Pennsylvania they anyone. His research and study with Dr. Jack Black help close The Big Spring Fish Hatchery which was destroying one of the premier wild Brook Trout streams in the world. That  stream Big Spring Creek, Newville Pennsylvania is now back as a world class fishery. (Photo on the right shows a wild brookie from Big Spring Creek in Pennsylvania). Fishing for these wonderful fish has been under attack in the last 30 to 40 years especially in the Eastern part of the United States. The fish have suffered from the urbanization of America and all the environmental damage that goes with it. The fact is that we have failed at all levels in protecting the habitat and resources needed for these trout to survive. These include federal, state, and local levels. Talk is cheap but action takes intelligence, commitment and money. Most of the so called giant environmental organizations have sold out to corporate America. I invite you to visit my new nonprofit The Last River and Gamekeeper (www.riverandgamekeeper.org). A nonprofit for sportsman with environmental stewardship based on the nobility of both nature and the sportsman. Contrary to what many fisherman believe this trout is not a weak species. These trout if given the proper habitat, water conditions and basic protection will proliferate in great numbers. These trout have a built in advantage in that many become reproductively mature at one year. These chars were introduced out West and have actually become a nuisance and are driving native species out! They are extremely adaptable and a very rigorous species.


Guido the Fly Fisherman

Be sure to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions or need instruction or guiding. We like hearing from you. Enjoy the site and take care of those brookies.

Conewago Brook Trout

In the photo to the right is an 18 inch Brook Trout from a freestone stream. The Brookie was released unharmed. An absolutely beautiful fish in fine condition. Notice the beautiful cream and orangish red fins.

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