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Trophy Brook Trout in America

How would you like to catch trophy brook trout up to 7 pounds without leaving the US?  I have a spring fed oligotrophic pond that I manage very similar to a lake in Canada but only on a much smaller scale.  The fish reproduce naturally in the pond which is on the top of a mountain. Fly fishing only with barbless hooks. All the fish are catch and release. I have days available till the end of June and then again from September to through January.

Private Fly Fishing For Monster Brook Trout at Riverkeeperflyfishing.com


This video shows some of the private water available on streams and ponds that I manage.  It includes our spring fed monster brook trout pond.  We can instruct individuals or groups.  We have lodging on the premises available at a reasonable rates and can set up just about anything you need to make it a great fishing experience. For more info drop me a line use the form on this page or just email me: gene (at) riverkeeperflyfishing.com 

These brookies can be caught on dry flies most of the year. The fish are exceptionally strong and will test your leader material. You will have the time of your life for a fraction of the price of a trip to Canada, Labrador Trophy Brook Trout From Pennsylvania Spring Fed Pond At www.flyfishingforbrooktrout.comor out West.  I actually furnish everything you need including a gourmet lunch etc.  If necessary you can arrive directly from your destination and as long as you have the proper clothing you can be fishing for these massive fish in a short period of time. You will have the pond to yourself on these trips.  Very similar to the European or English River Keeper type of fishing where you own the beat for the time period. Except in this case you have the pond for as long as you fish. (Photo Shows A Massive Trophy Brook Trout from this Private Water).

By the way as you can see from the photos these fish are some of the most well bred, conditioned and beautiful brook trout anywhere in the world. Once again I have limited openings so drop me line or contact me as soon as you can. Use the form below:

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