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Fly Fishing Books: The Greatest Library

Fly fishing books just got a lot cheaper and they have some of the best info compared to todays works.  I use these books to get many secret patterns. I'm always amazed at how little fly fishers know about what has transipired in the past and the fact most of the stuff in today's books is nothing more than ideas sifted from the books below. Here is a collection of books in PDF fomat that if you read them will increase your expertise as a fly angler beyond your expectations. Read the descriptions below to get an idea of the classic fly fishing books you'l get!  I use these books to find hordes of fly patterns from soft hackle wets to streamers that work on today's waters.  The amount of knowledge in these books is unbelievable. Unfortunately, most fly anglers are too worried about  that new rod or reel that will make the difference. But it won't.  Only knowledge and practice will. And you start right here for just pennies per book!

Classic Fly Fishing books from www.flyfishingforbrooktrout.com

What did the early writers and fly anglers know? You'll be surprised on what they knew and how advanced their techniques, methods, observations and fly tying abilitites were! My friend Lefty Kreh once told me that there's really not that much new in fly fishing...it just gets recycled! After you read a few of these books you'll find that to be true. The texts are from the 1600's to the early 1950's. Most of them are fly fishing books but I've also thrown in a few old entomology texts (with great color plates) and some general books on Salmon and Trout culture as well as the classics like Henshall's Black Bass Fishing. I acutally lied in the promo for these books because there are more than 200 hundred books all in PDF (Acrobat Reader) on this DVD. I've also included 6 new Windows Fishing and Outdoor Screensavers. Notice you are getting both of the Classic Works by Skues: Minor Tactics on a Trout Stream and The Way of a Trout with a Fly. This DVD also includes The Practical Angler by Stewart. This book is considered by many as one of the best wet fly fishing books ever written. Also, I have included the classic by Halford, Floating Flies which is the original work that started it all for Dry Fly Fishing. Here are some other titles on this DVD:

  • Dry Fly and Fast Water by Labranche
  • Wet Fly Fishing by Tod
  • Fly Fisher's Entomology by Ronalds
  • The Compleat Angler by Walton
  • Secrets of the Salmon by Hewitt
  • Salmon Fly How to Dress It by Kelson
  • How To Fish The Dry Fly by Rhead
  • Blacker's Art of Fly Making
  • Chalk Stream and Moorland by Russel
  • British Angling Flies by Theakston
  • Clear Water by Bradley
  • Fishing with Floating Flies by Orvis
  • Practical Dry Fly Fishing by Gill
  • The History of Fly Fishing for Trout by Gill
  • Yorkshire Trout Flies by Pritt
  • The Adventures of Salmon in the River Dee

There are also some old scientific writings and a couple of books on old English Fishing laws. You'll be amazed at what was written and is often over looked and how some of these fly anglers were already concerned about conservation and ecology back then.

Let's take a look at few of the color plates in some of these books. Try these on for size:


Classic Fly Photos by flyfisher.com

Here We have A Classic Old Fishing Scene

Classic Salmon Flies from flyfisher.com

A Series of Salmon and Trout Flies That Will Work Today!

Do You See Any Similarities in Todays Patterns!

Old Salmon Fly From Classic Fly Fishing Books by Eugene Macri

Another Beautiful Salmon Fly of Yesteryear

Dragon Flies from Classic Fly Fishing Books at flyfisher.com

How About These Great Drawings of Dragon and Damsel Flies


It would cost you thousands of dollars and would take up a quite a bit of space in your house to shelve all of these books. That's if you could even find many of them! So at less than 20 cents a piece on one DVD you can own such a library. These works are truly great and the amount of fly fishing knowledge, fly tying patterns, history, and fishing methods are a life time of work that you'll have at your disposal.

The price of the DVD and Screensavers was listed at $49.95 but I am having an introductory offer of $39.95 and FREE SHIPPING. This offer is only good in the continental US.  And I will ship either by first class or UPS. And remember the money goes to help me keep fighting the fight for our streams. 

Just Click on the Fly to Place Your Order and get this amazing library

Isonychia mayfly by Eugene Macri



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